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Project Description
Mass Mailing is an application to allow for mailing of a single email to a large email list. It is written in c# with a WPF front end. Allows for attachments, multiple smtp servers, and burst control.

  • Ability to specify Smtp Server(s)
  • Ability to specify Email Addresses in Excel 2007+ (32 bit only), Excel 97-2003, or CSV based on Linq to Excel Project
  • Ability to add Attachments
  • Ability to specify From email address
  • Ability to specify Subject of email with "[name]" and "[email]" replacements from Email Address information
  • Ability to specify Body of email with "[name]" and "[email]" replacements from Email Address information
  • Parallel execution of emails being sent and awaiting response from smtp server
  • Dialog to show status of emails being sent with the following:
    • Number of emails sent and waiting for feedback from Smtp Server.
    • Total to be sent
    • Successfully Sent
    • Errors generated when sent (Each email is retried 3 times before final error is displayed)
    • Progress Bar for progress until all emails have responded from server.

Quick Start Walkthrough
  1. Go to File -> Settings and specify smtp server with port and credentials if needed
  2. Browse for an excel file with a column header of "Email" and optionally another column header of "Name"
  3. Click Add Attachment and browse if attachments are needed on the email
  4. Specify a From, Subject, and Body (In html... however new lines will be replaced with <br/> tags for you)
  5. Click Send and click yes if you are sure
  6. Wait until all emails are sent then click done unless you want to cancel in the middle of sending then close dialog with normal x on top right.

A more detailed walkthrough can be found under documentation.

*Important note:

If you're not aware there are limits on the number of emails you can send with free accounts such as gmail, yahoo, and hotmail. Your account will be banned for a full day. However I have a google apps account and in order to send out through the smtp gmail server at the time of writing there was a 100 email max limit. I also had to adjust that only 8 emails went out at a time and there was 2 minute delay between each burst.

Please let me know of any issues that you find.

Also feel free to include any enhancements.

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