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Application Screenshots

Figure 1: Mass Mailing Main Application Form

Figure 2: Mass Mailing Settings Dialog

Figure 3: Mass Mailing Status Dialog

Detailed Walkthrough
  1. Download and install Mass Mailing.msi
  2. From desktop shortcut or Start Menu start the Mass Mailing application
  3. Setup settings via File -> Settings dialog (Figure 1)
  4. Specify Smtp Server settings
    1. Enable SSL of Smtp Server if applicable
    2. Specify Port of Smtp Server if left blank it defaults to 25
    3. Specify Burst Size (which is sending a set of emails to the server and waiting for responses before continuing) if left blank then no bursting occurs
    4. Specify Maximum Emails Sent (which is the maximum to allow of sending emails to this server in case there's a limit on the server) it will then try to allocate emails to other servers based on not reaching their max limit or throw errors for any left over emails to be sent.
    5. Specify Burst Delay in seconds (which is the amount of time between bursts to allow for the server a breather)
    6. Specify the email address (a.k.a. login) for the server
    7. Specify the password for the server
  5. Add SMTP Setting for any other smtp server settings and repeat the Smtp Server settings
  6. Click Save
  7. Create excel file or use existing excel file with a column header of "Email" and optionally another column header of "Name"
  8. Click Add Attachment and browse for attachment if needed
  9. Specify a From address
  10. Specify a Subject and to use the name from excel file specify by using "[name]" or to use email address from excel file then use "[email]"
  11. Specify a Body (In HTML.... however new lines are automatically replaced with <br/> for you) and to use the name from excel file then specify by using "[name]" or to use email address from excel file then specify "[email]"
  12. Click Send and click yes if you are sure
  13. View dialog with status (Figure 3) it will contain a log for all unsuccessful sent items and to stop the process can be done by closing the dialog with the x button on the corner of the dialog box.
  14. Once all emails are process are completed the done button should become enabled.

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